by Keah Lan Specialised Reflexology and Pilates

“Hi, you gave me the best foot massage I’ve ever had x”

Actress Hayley Atwell

“I attend a group beginners pilates class with Keah and feel that I am in safe hands. Keah is very clear and precise when describing the exercises. She also takes care and time to make sure all members of the group are in the correct position. Doing this class has banished my pre-existing lower back pain and stiffness. My back now feels stronger and more supple. It has been a rejuvenating experience and one I am happy to recommend to others.”


“I have had ten lesson with Keah Lan, and cannot speak highly enough of her approach both as a teacher and a human being. Her knowledge of the Pilates discipline and her attention to each student in the class is exceptional. I have had lessons before with other Pilates teachers none of whom have made the fundamental principles of breathing and muscle use so clear. As a pianist this approach is an invaluable and I would like to see all aspiring young performers build their piano technique upon this fundamental use of the body.”

Best wishes Cristine

Keah is amazing. I was never into reflexology before I met her and it is my saviour now. She is an angel. She is able to transform your body and mind within the hour, ready to attack the world afresh. It’s a privilege to have her.”

Anon, Pimlico

“Hello Keah, you made me love reflexology. After your treatment my skin looks better and I feel relaxed and balanced. You do your job with passion that’s why reflex with you is so effective!”

Marina Paoletti

Keah is without question the best reflexologist that I have encountered and I have been a customer of hers for several years now. She is the only person I know that can successfully send to me sleep without fail, waking up an hour later feeling refreshed and re-energised. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Jo Oliver

“I have been seeing Keah for reflexology regularly for years and never fail to be amazed on what she can achieve each time. She is the only therapist who has the potential to make me totally relax, which is a real challenge. I always feel that I recover from the various aches of my body after a treatment with her. She never fails either to point out after each treatment what I need to watch about myself. Keah relaxed my body and mind during my second pregnancy, I felt in control most of the time because I was going to see regularly, I felt it help me a lot.”

Eloise Keenan

“I have been seing Keah for reflexology for over a year and she has helped me no end. After a session with her you feel revitalised and ready for anything. She is fantastic!”