About Mobile Healing

by Keah Lan Specialised Reflexology and Pilates

Mobile Healing was inspired by Keah Lan and Florent Balestra to provide an inspiration for wellbeing through pilates, holistic treatments and detox retreats. The team will support you in feeling happy, healthy and balanced in your everyday life.

Whatever your focus is - fitnessweight lossreducing stress or general wellbeing, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Keah Lan – Founder

A highly qualified wellbeing therapist and pilates teacher. Keah has come to be recognised as one of London’s “Top reflexologist” and “Wellbeing therapist” she has been listed as “the Best kept secret” and a “Revelation” by Marie Claire magazine.Keah has over 15 years experience as a wellbeing therapist and has developed her own unique method of reflexology through extensive research and runs CPD courses on Maternity reflexology and general reflexology.

“In my years as a therapist, I have met a vast amount of people who suffered from extreme stress, migraines, infertility, cancer and various other ailments that a stressful city life and bad diet can bring on”My aim is to provide a platform for wellbeing through nutrition, exercise and holistic treatments to create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Keah’s interest in natural health began in 1996 where she trained at the family run, international Kim-Loong Wushu Centre in the disciplines of Shoalin Quan and Sanda, as well as Jing-An wellness centre in the disciplines of Taiji Quan,meditation and Chi cardio in South Africa. In 2000, Keah continued her love for natural health by working as a holistic therapist in London. She has worked extensively with reflexology  focused on fertility, the pre and post natal period of pregnancy, insomnia, stress, cancer and fatigue.After many years as a reflexologist as well as working on detox retreats in Europe, she decided to embark on a career as a pilates teacher with the amazing Alan Herdman.

Keah practices throughout London and has taught many well known clients privately, her discretion is always assured.Keah also practices from The Harbour club Chelsea, One Hyde Park residences, Triyoga and Mermaid Maternity Retreat.

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Florent Balestra – Co-Founder

Florent a software engineer is responsible for the technical and business development of Mobile Healing. As well as being a translator for our French clients and being our personal training and hiking coordinator.

Being a keen basket ball player and sports enthusiast, as well as having a full time career, Florent is a convert to the benefits that pilates, holistic therapies and diet can play in the maintenance of one’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in a stressful job environment.

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Belinda Mann – Nutritionist

My aim is to make nutrition fun and accessible, to inspire and empower people to want to make changes about their health, and develop habits that will last a lifetime.

Initially trained as a marine biologist in Australia, Belinda has always had a keen interest in biology, a passion for nutrition and healthy living. After moving to London, she formalised her health expertise studying at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

Over the years she has developed special interests in adrenal fatigue, detoxification, and skin health. Her interest in the diets of different cultures has taken her on travels all over the world.

She is currently spending the summer in Brazil, returning to Europe in the Spring to work on detox retreats. She is available for personal nutrition consultations via Skype.

I was constantly amazed at the impact poor detoxification has on so many health conditions – such as weight loss, hormone imbalances and skin conditions to name a few.

Belinda provides monthly detox tips for Mobile Healing clients.

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Jefferson Kim-Lioong Lan – Martial Arts Expert & Personal Trainer

I aim to create an honest awareness on the path to a healthy lifestyle incompassing all aspects of health and wellness.

We are proud to be able to have Jefferson come on our retreat as a special guest. Jefferson has come to be known as South Africas leading teacher of Martial arts and is Mr Fitness and Body beautiful South Africa 2012. Born into the field of Chinese Martial arts he started training as soon as he was able to walk, under the expert tuterlage of his father Dr Jeff Lan at Kim-Loong Wushu Centre in Cape Town, opened since 1990.

Jefferson has trained in Chinese medicine and Martial Arts he specialises in standardised wushu, traditional shoalin, tai chi, chinese kickboxing, health Qigong, fitness and conditioning.

He is responsible for creating some of the most famous physics in fashion, music and film. Personal trainer to some celebraties who want to be in tip top shape, although he is very discreet about his clients. His classes are inspiring and for all levels of fitness. Give Jefferson a week and he will transform your body into the best shape you have ever been, by putting you on a strict training and eating plan.

  • 2012 - Mr Fitness and Mr Body beautiful South Africa
  • 2011 - International Chinese Health Qi Gong Coach – Beijing China
  • 2010 - South African national wushu competition 2 gold medals for chan quan & nan quan and 1 gold for clasical form
  • 2009 - South African national wushu competition 2 gold medals for chan quan & nan quan and 1 gold for classical form. His skill earned him a place on the SA national team.
    His skill earned him a place on the SA national team.

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George Grose – Personal Trainer

I love working with people to really make a difference, affecting positive change in each individual.

George participated in sports from a young age, enjoying rugby & various martial arts. Encountering his fair share of injuries along the way fueled an interest in the human body, how it works, why it sometimes goes wrong and how to improve its function & performance.

Since working as a fitness professional, George has continued to educate himself, concentrating on the sciences & their application in personal training, through both private study & the Resistance Training Specialist organisation in the US. This focus on physics, anatomy & physiology leads to truly personal & unique training experiences, free from exercise bias. Delivering what people want whilst balancing it with what they need.

George delivers sessions in a personable & calm yet focussed manner; the client’s experience always being of paramount importance. He is soon to graduate as a specialist in Muscle Activation Techniques, a neuromuscular therapy that identifies & corrects muscular imbalances in the body.

George is available for Private Personal training sessions on our retreats.

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Our team

Our team of therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and teachers are all leading experts in their field, with many years experience. We have however carefully selected that our team have these qualities -

Compassion, Patience and Love for what they do.

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